Changing Jobs and Other Tough Decisions

You are toying with the idea of changing careers. The mere thought of this can bring up a host of emotions. Let’s face it; it is a big decision in your life. Even if you are not happy there is a sense of security there. It is normal to want to hold onto that safe feeling even if you are not feeling completely fulfilled. Today I am going to share with you a powerful tool that might just help you decide what the next step should be.A lot of times it seems we know more what we don’t want than what we do want. Our society tends to focus this way -just watch the news and you will see what I mean.Today I would like to discuss the very old tried and true tool, the pros and cons list. I am sure you are familiar with this and have probably used it a time or two. In fact in some ways, it is over used. Let’s start by reviewing how it works and see what we can come up with.
Let’s get started. On one side of the paper place all the pros for making a career change and on the other side the cons.After completing the pros side go back and ask yourself the following:o Why are all of these positives are important to me? Is it values? (Example, I want to change careers so that I may help more people or so that I may work for a company that honors integrity.)
o Are the positives tied to a life long dream?
o What are the deeper benefits of making the change? By this I mean adding on so to speak. Example, by changing jobs I will have a shorter commute which in return will give me a more flexible schedule. It will also give me more control of how I spend my time. Or, something like, making this change will give me more self-esteem and allow me to accept more challenges in my life in the future.It is important to also look at the pros of NOT making a change at this time. Be honest with yourself as you look fairly at both sides of the coin -positives for staying AND positives for leaving. Examine not just your thoughts but your feelings as well. How do you feel inside when you think about all of the good things both sides have to offer? Your feelings are a strong indication of what is right for you.Now let’s move on to con side of your list.o What are the negatives of staying or choosing to move on? This involves anything from the physical (a long commute and greater expense for gas) to that gut feeling and sense of dread you experience every time your job is brought up.Lastly I would like you to ask yourself what is the cost of your decision and are you willing to pay the price? For example, I just decided to take another course to enhance my coaching practice and because it was what I considered to be a lot of money to lay out, I asked myself, what do I need to bring to the table, or what is my commitment to doing this? What is missing now that I expect to gain by doing this? Clarity is the first key ingredient in any decision you make.If the process seems daunting or overwhelming, the aid of a Life Coach can speed the process and offer a safe space to explore your possibilities. After all you deserve the life of your dreams!The aid of a Life Coach can speed the process and offer a safe space to explore your possibilities. After all you deserve the life of your dreams!